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Creating a live pad for an interview

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A live pad allows interviewer(s) and the candidate to write and execute code in a shared IDE environment in real-time.

To create a live pad, the fastest way:

  • Login to your account and go to the dashboard page
  • Click on the “Create Pad” button located on the upper right hand side of the page

That’s it! Simply copy the pad URL, or pad link, for both interviewer(s) and the candidate to use to access for their live interview.

To create a live pad, with a question preloaded: 

Pro tip: This is useful when you want to ensure all candidates start from the same question and code prompt for their live interview.

  1. Login to your account and go to the dashboard page
  1. Click on “Question Bank” from the side navigation
  1. Select the question you want preloaded for your live interview
  1. Click on “Create Pad With Question”

Once you click to create a pad:

This will open the pad environment in a new tab.

The pad contents will default to your preferred language, and with a “Hello World” example. You can change your preferred language under your personal User Settings.

CoderPad app interface with a preloaded question

The pad URL is the link that both interviewer(s) and the candidate will use to access the pad. There are a few different ways to access this:

  • You can take the link directly from your browser URL bar.
  • Or you can click the “Invite” button located in the bottom left of the pad to review three additional options.
    • Copy permanent link (same as URL in URL bar)
    • Send an email invite to the pad
    • Generate a temporary short link

Both the interviewer(s) and candidate have access to all features within the pad environment including changing languages, drawing mode, video calling, IDE settings and more. 

The main difference in the environment between interviews and candidates are what the interviewer can do and see. Interviewers CAN:

  • Add a question or select another question
  • Access another tab next to “Program Output” called “Private Interviewer Notes” which allow interviewers to keep notes during the interview

Candidates CANNOT see your question bank or the private interview notes.