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Workday Integration Configuration Guide

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This guide will show you how to set up the CoderPad and Workday integration.

The configuration guide is broadly divided into 3 sections:

  1. Workday Security Configuration
  2. CoderPad API Key Configuration
  3. Assessment Configuration in Workday

☎️ Interested in the CoderPad Workday integration? Reach out to our support team for assistance.

Workday Security Configuration

As an administrator, login to your Workday account and follow the steps below to complete the security configuration for setting up the integration between Workday and CoderPad.

Step 1: Access the Create Integration System User task and configure a Workday account for the integration

  1. Make the account User Name: coderpad_integration_user.
  2. Set a secure password.
  3. Check the Do Not Allow UI Sessions box. (This option prevents the integration system user from signing in to Workday through the UI.)
  4. Leave all other fields to their default values.
  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Done to confirm creation.

Step 2: Create Integration System Security Groups (Unconstrained)

  1. Access the Create Security Group task.
  2. For type of tenanted security group, select Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained).
  3. Name the Security Group: coderpad_integration_sg.
  4. Click OK.

  1. On the Edit Integration System Security Group (Unconstrained) screen, your new security group name “coderpad_integration_sg” should be pre-populated in the Name field.
  2. Add the account “coderpad_integration_user” to the list of Integration System Users.
  3. Click OK.

  1. Click Done.

Step 3: Access the Maintain Permissions for Security Group task and set the following permissions for the “coderpad_integration_sg” security group.

  1. Here are the Domain Security Policy Permissions required for the Security Group.
    • To connect with interviewers
      • Get Only | Person Data: Name
      • Get Only | Person Data: Private Work Email Integration
    • To support the candidates and interviews
      • Get Only | Candidate Data: Personal Information
      • Get Only | Candidate Data: Job Application
      • Get and Put | Candidate Data: Interview Schedule
      • Get and Put | Candidate Data: Assessment Results
  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Done.

Step 4: Grant the security group access to the domains required by your integration

You’ll need to follow these steps for EACH of the following domains:

Person Data: Name,

Person Data: Private Work Email Integration

Candidate Data: Job Application

Candidate Data: Assessment Results

Candidate Data: Personal Information

  1. Access the View Domain report and find the domain.
  2. Select the domain (e.g., Person Data: Name) and click the more actions button (it is a rectangle button with three dots).
  3. Mouseover to select Domain > Edit Security Policy Permissions.
  1. Scroll down to the Integration Permissions area to add the security group that you created — “coderpad_integration_sg” — and check Get and Put to match the permissions:
    • Get Only
      • Person Data: Name
      • Person Data: Private Work Email Integration
      • Candidate Data: Personal Information
      • Candidate Data: Job Application
    • Get and Put
      • Candidate Data: Interview Schedule
      • Candidate Data: Assessment Results
  2. Click OK.

Step 5: Activate Pending Security Policy Changes .

  1. Navigate to the Activate Pending Security Policy Changes task.
  2. Describe your changes in the Comment field.
  3. Check the Confirm box and click OK to activate your changes.

Step 6: If the “Integration System User” will not authenticate using the username and password, access the Maintain Password Rules task. 

  1. Add the integration system user to the System Users exempt from the password expiration field.

  1. Click Done.

✅To avoid integration errors caused by expired passwords, Workday recommends that you prevent Workday passwords from expiring.

CoderPad API Key Configuration

Step 1: Get API Key from CoderPad

  1. When signed into your CoderPad account, visit your My Settings page. Then copy your CoderPad API key.

Step 2: Add API Key to Workday

  1. Navigate to your Workday instance
  2. Access the View Integration System report.
  3. Type in and select “CoderPadIntegration”. Then click OK.
  4. Click the related actions button, then Integration System and Configure Integration Attributes.
  1. Paste in your CoderPad API Key for the attribute ApiKey.

✅ The integration will always use the same API key so all pads will appear to be created by the same CoderPad user.

Assessment Configuration in Workday

There are two steps to properly configure your Workday – CoderPad integration to generate pads for interviews:

  1. Create the necessary Assessment statuses
  2. Configure the Assess Candidate business process

Step 1: Create the necessary Assessment statuses

  1. Access the Maintain Assessment Statuses task.
  2. Create three new statuses:
    • Create pad
    • Pad created
    • CoderPad declined
  3. Check Overall Status for all.
  1. Validate.
  2. For all statuses perform the following actions:
    • In the related actions menu (next to the magnifying glass) click Integration IDs > Edit Reference Id.
    • In the Reference ID Value field, type in the following respective values:
      • Status_Create_Pad
      • Status_Pad_Created
      • Status_CoderPad_Declined
    • Click OK and Done.

Step 2: Configure the Assess Candidate business process

  1. Access the Assess Candidate business process definition of your organization. (Searching “bp: Assess Candidate” should reveal the Default Definition or the definition for your specific organization like “Global Modern Services”.)
  2. In the related actions menu, click Business Process > Edit Definition.
  1. Click OK.
  1. Add a business process step with the following properties:
  • Order: must be right after the Assess Candidate step (Consider setting this as “aa” for the order.)
  • Type: Integration
  • Group: Recruiter/Primary Recruiter
    Note: Depending on your hiring workflow, this may be a different user group.
  • Run as user: coderpad_integration_user
  1. Once the business process is added, configure the integration for this new step.
    • Click the Configure integration button.
    • In the popup, select CoderPadIntegration.
    • Select a request name (like “CoderPadIntegration”).
    • Configure the launch parameters.
  1. Configure a condition rule.
  2. In the related actions of the integration step (next to the magnifying glass at the beginning of the row), go to Business Process > Create condition rule.

This will make sure the integration runs only when you set the Assessment Status to “Create Pad”.

  1. Access the Maintain Recruiting Assessment Tests task.
    • Create a new test named CoderPad Interview.
    • Edit Reference ID: Test_CoderPad_Interview.
  1. Configure Integration notifications: Access the View Integration System report for “CoderPadIntegration”.
  1. Once viewing the integration system for “CoderPadIntegration”, view the Related Actions menu to click Integration System > Configure Integration Notifications.
  1. Select Trigger on Status and add the status Completed With Errors.
  2. In the Recipients field, select by Person.
  3. Complete the message content with the following:
    • Subject: The CoderPad integration has failed.
    • Body: The CoderPad integration has failed. You may have run out of pads in your CoderPad account. For more information, check the log file.
  4. Click OK and Done.