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Workday CoderPad Integration User Guide

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This guide should explain how to use your Workday CoderPad integration. To learn more about how to set up the integration, see the integration setup guide.

Generate a pad for a candidate

  1. Navigate to the candidate’s profile or the candidate’s job requisition page and move the candidate forward to the assessment stage (or add an additional assessment).
  1. On the Assess Candidate prompt (if accessed from the job requisition candidate’s page), or in the inbox message received following the previous step, perform the following actions:
  • Enter an Overall Date
  • Select Create Pad for the Overall Status. This will activate the integration to generate a pad link.
  • Add an optional Comment.
  • Add CoderPad Interview to the Assessment Test field. You can use any status, date, and comment as those fields will be automatically filled if Default assessment tests are defined for the job requisition.
  • Click on Submit.
  1. In the candidate’s Screening tab in the Assessments area, you will find the CoderPad Interview. 
    • The overall status will be set to “Pad created”. 
    • The pad link to copy and share with the candidate and interviewer(s) will be in the Results URL column.

☎️ Interested in the CoderPad Workday integration? Reach out to our support team for assistance.


Error notifications

In case something went wrong during the integration, you should receive an indication of the integration state from Workday:

  1. In the candidate’s Screening tab in the Assessments area, the Overall Status will be set to “CoderPad declined”. 
  2. As the recruiter, you will receive a notification depending on the configuration of the integration notifications.

To debug or troubleshoot the issue

We recommend checking for the following:

  1. That your API Key is still valid.
  2. You have not exceeded your CoderPad pad quota.

You can also review the log file of the integration to find the cause of the error. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Access the “View Integration System” task for the “CoderPad Integration”.
  2. Open the related actions menu, then mouse over Integration System and click on “Integration Events”.
  1. Once the issue has been resolved:
    • Follow the link in the notification.
    • Open the related actions menu, then mouseover Integration Event and click the “Relaunch integration event”.
    • On the “Relaunch integration” prompt you can see the candidate’s name and the job application ID.
    • Click “Ok” to relaunch the integration with the exact same parameters.

❗If the integration failed to create a pad link and you are unable to successfully relaunch the integration, the specific assessment will remain on the candidate’s profile with the “CoderPad declined” status and no pad link will have been generated.