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Greenhouse + CoderPad Take-Home Integration

Greenhouse Recruiting and CoderPad have teamed up to help you better evaluate technical candidates through live collaborative coding interviews and take-home assignments.

CoderPad is the leading technical interview platform for teams that need a simple, fast solution to help accurately assess candidates throughout the hiring stages. It works like an IDE to emulate real world scenarios and is easily personalized to specific development team needs – ensuring a positive experience for both the candidate and the interviewer.

The CoderPad Take-Home integration with Greenhouse allows you to send take-home questions and assignments to candidates conveniently via Greenhouse Recruiting. One-time setup is simple and convenient. In this article, we will cover how to:

  1. Find Your CoderPad API Key
  2. Provide the API Key to Greenhouse
  3. Add CoderPad Take-Homes to Interview Plans
  4. Review Take-Home Results

1. Find Your CoderPad API Key

To enable Greenhouse Recruiting’s integration with CoderPad for Take-Homes, Greenhouse Recruiting needs your CoderPad API Key.

Note: Because the CoderPad Take-Home integration uses one API Key for your organization, it is recommended to provide Greenhouse Recruiting with the API Key of a CoderPad account whose ‚ÄúName‚ÄĚ is general (e.g., ‚ÄėCompany Name‚Äô). This means your entire team can send Take-Homes and view the graded test cases for Take-Homes all within Greenhouse without each person needing their own CoderPad account. (This is unlike creating Take-Home questions or viewing code playback, which must be done within CoderPad.)
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Navigate to your CoderPad account and locate the API Key on the My Settings page. Copy the CoderPad API Key.

2. Provide the CoderPad API Key to Greenhouse

Send an email to Greenhouse Support and provide them with your CoderPad API Key for the CoderPad Take-Home Integration(Please note, there is also a CoderPad Live Integration which supports live, collaborative coding interviews and does not require working with Greenhouse Support.)

A Greenhouse Support member will input your API key into the Greenhouse Recruiting system to enable your CoderPad Take-Home Integration.

3. Add CoderPad Take-Homes to Interview Plans

Once enabled, within a Job Setup in the Interview Plan panel, click to +Add a Stage.

Then scroll to select and add the CoderPad Take-Home stage.

Once added to a job’s interview plan, you may:

A. Preset the take-home assignment for all candidates for a job.

From the Job Setup > Interview Plan screen, click to Edit the newly added CoderPad Take-Home stage.

Then search and/or select a take-home assignment from an alphabetical list sourced from your organization‚Äôs CoderPad account and click Save.

B. And/or directly send a Take-Home to a candidate.

Open the CoderPad Take-Home stage in a candidate‚Äôs On Job panel. Click Send Test.

Then on the Send Test modal (1) enter the candidate’s email address; (2) if an assignment is not already preselected, search and/or select a take-home assignment from an alphabetical list sourced from your organization’s CoderPad account; and (3) select who should grade the Take-Home.

Click Send Test.

When you click ‚ÄúSend Test‚ÄĚ in Greenhouse, an email will be sent to the candidate from CoderPad.

4. Review Take-Home Results

The status of the Take-Home will be viewable in Greenhouse in a candidate’s On Job panel.


To be graded

Once a Take-Home is ready to be graded or reviewed, navigate to the candidate‚Äôs Job Panel in Greenhouse, click on CoderPad Take-Home.

Then click to see the Test Cases that have passed.

(For more details, including to view the CoderPad Playback, click View Report to open a new browser tab and see the candidate‚Äôs Take-Home results in CoderPad.)

Then in Greenhouse Fill Out Your Scorecard.

Once you‚Äôve filled out the candidates scorecard, the candidate‚Äôs progress will be reflected in the On Job panel.