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CodinGame + Greenhouse FAQ

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How do I connect both CoderPad and CodinGame to my Greenhouse account?

How do I add CodinGame and CoderPad as ‘stages’ in a job’s interview plan? 

  • Once the integrations are enabled for your organization, you will be able to add CodinGame assessments, CoderPad live interviews, and CoderPad take-home projects as interview stages, all within the Greenhouse workflow 
  • To do this for a new job, navigate to the top right hand corner and click the plus sign to “Create a Job”
  • To do this for an existing job, navigate to a job (All Jobs > Job Name) and click “Job Setup” from the job navigation bar
  • From the Job Setup page, navigate to the Interview Plan on the left-hand panel. Click “Add Stage” in the top right corner of the screen
  • From the “Add Stage” modal, select as many stages as you would like to include
    • To include a CoderPad live interview, create a new stage with a name of your choosing or select an existing stage that contains an interview component
    • To include a CoderPad take-home project, select ‘CoderPad Take-Home’ 
    • To include a CodinGame Assessment, select ‘CodinGame’
  • When finished, click “Add” at the bottom of the modal to add the stage(s) to the job’s interview plan.
  • Once you have added the stages you can move them around to be in the order in which you would like the candidate to flow through the funnel

How do I set up CodinGame Assessments and CoderPad Take-Home Projects? 

  • Once you have the stages added to the Interview Plan, hover over the gray box for each stage and select the pen icon that appears to edit the stage. This will allow you to preset the CodinGame assessment / CoderPad take-home project for all candidates interviewing for the job 
  • On the next page, search and / or select a CodinGame test (if editing the CodinGame stage) or a CoderPad take-home project (if editing the CoderPad take-home project stage). The list of assignments available to send will be sourced directly from your organization’s CoderPad and CodinGame accounts and listed alphabetically
  • Click “Save” when finished 

How do I send and review CodinGame assessments? 

  • To send a CodinGame assessment to a candidate, navigate to the candidate within the job you want to receive the assessment and click ‘Send Test’. 
  • Use the subsequent “Send Test” modal to:
    • Confirm the email address of the candidate
    • Select which assignment to send the candidate (from an alphabetical list sourced from your organization’s CodinGame account)
    • Assign a grader for the CodinGame assessment 
  • An email from CodinGame is sent to the candidate, prompting the candidate to begin the CodinGame assignment. You can customize and configure the email 
  • The status of the assessment is viewable on the candidate’s Greenhouse Recruiting profile. The following statuses are available: 
    • Send test (means the assessment has not yet been sent to candidate) 
    • Sent (means you’re waiting for the candidate to submit)
    • To be graded (means it is awaiting grading by the assigned grader)
  • Once the CodinGame assignment is ready to be graded or reviewed, navigate to the candidate and click on the stage 
  • You can quickly see the high-level details of the candidate’s performance on the test. 
  • To see the entire report, click “View Report” to open a new browser tab and see the candidate’s assessment report in CodinGame.
  • Note: the individual assigned to grade the test will receive an email prompting them to do so
  • The links in the email take the grader back into Greenhouse where they click “Fill Out Your Scorecard” 
  • Once the grader has completed the candidate’s scorecard, the candidate’s progress is reflected 

How do I send and review CoderPad take-homes projects?

See step 3 of our Greenhouse + CoderPad take-home project Integration documentation page.

How do I schedule and review CoderPad Live Interviews? 

See step 3 of our Greenhouse + CoderPad Live Integration documentation page.