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CoderPad + GoodTime Integration

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This guide shows you how to integrate CoderPad with GoodTime. Your organization needs to add the CoderPad API key to GoodTime, which allows GoodTime to generate CoderPad links. 


  • The CoderPad user setting up the integration must have super admin access on GoodTime.
  • ​Important: if the CoderPad account that generates the API key is deactivated, the integration will stop working. Ensure the account will never be deactivated by setting up a new CoderPad admin account specifically for this task.

CoderPad API key for GoodTime

1. Go to ​​ in your web browser. If you are not already logged in, log into CoderPad.

2. In the top-right dropdown menu, click My Settings.

3. Copy the API key:

4. Log in to your Goodtime account.

5. Go to ​​ and scroll down to the Collaborative Coding section.

6. Paste the copied API key into the API Key field.

7. Press Save at the top left hand side of the page and you are done. Congrats, you’re all done!


Please contact Goodtime support at