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Getting Started with CoderPad for Administrators

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This document is for interview administrators who want to know more about setting up and managing their CoderPad accounts.

CoderPad is a platform for conducting remote interviews with programmers, in any browser. The CoderPad interface is very similar to common development software that programmers use, like an IDE, that runs and tests code as it is written. This makes for a comfortable and familiar candidate experience and allows the candidate to demonstrate their technical skills.

❗When you register an account, the person creating the account is the default account owner and admin. This person receives instructions for naming the team and inviting team members.

There are two user types in CoderPad: members and admins. New users who join your CoderPad organization are members by default.

All members of your team have access to the shared quota of interview pads, the private sandbox for test use, and the following CoderPad tabs: the Pad’s List, Question Bank, Custom Files, Custom Databases, Members, and Usage.

However, only admins can:

– Edit billing information.

– Change your organization’s account settings.

– Set up or edit your organization’s integrations.

– Change membership types of other users on the team.

If your team needs additional admin accounts, the existing admin can promote other users from the Members tab in their dashboard.

Once you login to CoderPad, the following will be available to you as an administrator:

ATS Integrations

You can access your ATS integrations by clicking on the Integrations menu option under your account menu:

For full documentation on how to integrate your ATS into CoderPad, check out the feature guide here.

Manage Account Settings

By selecting Team Management menu option under your account menu, you’ll be able to access the organization settings for your company:

Here you can update your organization’s name and logo, select a default language for your organization’s pads, enable or disable team permissions, configure SSO, and more.

✅ For more information on managing teams in CoderPad — including changing user roles, enabling SSO, and adding or removing users — check out the user guide here.

Restricting Question Creation to Administrators

You may want to limit question creation to CoderPad administrators to make sure they’re only created by certain users. To do so, simply turn on the Restrict question creation and editing to admins toggle.

You can use a combination of the Allow users to edit each others’ questions and Restrict question creation and editing to admins toggles to fine-tune your users’ question creation and editing access:

Allow users to edit each others’ questionsRestrict question creation and editing to adminsAccess Level
✅ON❌OFFAll users can edit and create questions
✅ON✅ONOnly admins can edit and create questions
❌OFF❌OFFAll users can create questions, but cannot edit each others questions (can only edit their own)
❌OFF✅ONOnly admins can create and edit questions

Auto-End Pads

Auto-end pads allow you to set a default time for pads to end once an interview is started.

✅An interview is considered “started” when an interviewer and a candidate are in the pad, and the pad has been modified. For a take-home, this means the candidate has joined the pad and started working on the take-home.

By default the setting is toggled off. To turn this feature on, simply click on the toggle.

Once toggled on, the time-period input will allow you to select a default time. The available time periods are 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days.

⚠️The setting itself is forward-facing. Meaning that ONLY pads created after the setting is toggled on will be auto-ended.

Update Account Information

Most of your account information — including your plan type and payment information — can be found under the Billing menu option under your account menu:

❗Please keep the following in mind when it comes to your pad usage:

1) Each pad you create counts against your quota.

2) Pads available for use in upcoming interviews have a ‘Not Started’ status in the dashboard.

3) You can delete pads, but once they’re gone, they’re gone for good, so be careful! 

4) Deleted pads count against your interview quota, unless they are deleted within 28 days of creation.

5) We strongly recommend that engineers new to CoderPad get familiar with the interface by using our sandbox. The Sandbox uses no interview quota.

Final Tip: Onboarding participants

New users receive links to our role-specific, getting started guides via email when they activate their CoderPad accounts.


CoderPad is free for candidates to use, whether or not they register an account with us.

If they sign up for a free candidate account, they receive a link via email to the Getting Started: Candidates guide and the sandbox. The guide doesn’t give candidates any company specifics, but it does help them learn how to customize their CoderPad settings for the most comfortable interview experience.

Your recruiters and interviewers are welcome to send candidates a link to the free practice sandbox before the interview so they can familiarize themselves with the coding environment.


Interviewers can access their Getting Started guide here.

If you have any questions or concerns about how things work in CoderPad, feel free to email us at [email protected] – we’re happy to help!