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Getting Started with CoderPad for Teams

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This document is for companies who want detailed instructions for setting up team roles and user permissions on CoderPad.

CoderPad is a technical interviewing tool that is simple for candidates, interviewers, and recruiters alike. Once you sign up for an account, you will be able to navigate everything from your dashboard.

Getting Started

When you register a team account, the person who created the team account will be the default account owner and first Admin. This person will receive instructions for naming the team and inviting your team’s members.

Permissions for your teammates

There are two user types: Members and Admins. By default, when new users join your CoderPad organization, they will be members. Members have access to all CoderPad features, except they cannot:

  • Edit billing information
  • Change your organization’s global settings
  • Set up or edit your organization’s integrations
  • Change membership types of other users on the team

If your team needs additional Admin accounts, the existing Admin can promote any of the other users from the Members tab in their dashboard.

Global settings for your organization

Only Admins can adjust the organization-wide settings. These settings include:

  • Company’s name and logo
  • Default settings for pads created by new users
  • Permissions for user access and editing rights to the team’s question library

Onboarding your teammates

We know that not everyone will use CoderPad in exactly the same way, so we maintain role-specific guides to help everyone get the information they need to hit the ground running.

Links to these guides are automatically emailed to new users when they activate their CoderPad accounts and join your organization.

The Sandbox

All plans come with unlimited access to the Sandbox for all users. If you have engineers who are new to CoderPad, we recommend you have them get started by writing some code or setting up their interview questions in the Sandbox. This will let them get familiar with the CoderPad interface without using any of your interview quota.

Preparing your candidates

CoderPad is free for candidates to use, and they will be able to join your company’s interviews whether or not they register an account with us.

If they sign up for a free Candidate account, a link to the Getting Started: Candidates page and the Sandbox for test use will be emailed to them automatically. This guide will not give them any specifics about your company’s interviewing process, but it will help them learn how to navigate their CoderPad settings for the most comfortable interview experience.

Your recruiters and interviewers are also welcome to send candidates a link to the free practice Sandbox in your interview invites so candidates can familiarize themselves with the coding environment before the interview.

Team dashboard and quota

All members of your team will have access to the shared quota of interview pads, the private Sandbox for test use, and the following CoderPad dashboard tabs:

Personal Settings

Personal settings include name, email address, default pad settings, email preferences and API key.


All pads created by all members of your organization are listed here. Pads can be searched by interviewer or candidate name, pad creation date, and pad status. Depending on the status of the pad, they can start, end, edit, watch playback, or delete pads from this view.

If you need to restrict certain users in your organization from being able to create pads, edit pads, watch pad playback, or delete pads, contact us at to discuss custom user permissions for your organization.


By default, all members of your organization will have the ability to contribute to the team’s shared question library. This can be disabled by an Admin in your organization’s global settings.

Any member can also make their questions private to themselves by unchecking the box that says “Share this question with your colleagues” within the question composition window.


From this tab, all users can view existing databases and add their own custom databases to query from for MySQL and PostgreSQL questions.

More detailed instructions for uploading and using custom databases in interviews can be found here: CoderPad Custom Databases Guide


By default, all users can view all other users (including name, email, and membership type) in your organization and invite new members to the team by email. Admins can additionally change the membership types of other users and remove inactive users from this tab.

If your team needs to restrict certain users from inviting new members, contact us at to discuss custom user permissions for your organization.


All team members can find out how many pads are remaining in the billing cycle, view historic pad usage, and view pad usage by member from the Usage tab in the dashboard. Team members also have the ability to export this information into a CSV.

Keep in mind all pads created by anyone in your organization count against your team’s shared quota, regardless of the status of that pad: unused, in progress, or ended. Deleted pads also count against your quota, except for unused pads that are deleted within 28 days from the date they were created—those are returned to the quota.

Final Tips

It is our goal to make technical interviewing more effective for you and a better experience for your candidates. If you have any questions about how things work in CoderPad, feel free to email us at – we’re happy to help!