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Keyboard Shortcuts

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We understand CoderPad’s IDE may not be exactly like your local setup. However we’ve included handy features like code autocompletion, bracket completion, keybindings, the infamous tab-spacing and more. Below you’ll find some handy shortcuts in the IDE that will also help you during your interview.

Run Code:

Mac: ⌘ + enter OR ⌘ + S Windows: CTRL + enter OR CTRL + S
Code language: HTTP (http)

To indent one level:

Mac: Tab OR ⌘ + [ Windows: Tab OR CTRL + [
Code language: HTTP (http)

To indent one level less

Mac: ⌘ + J Windows: CTRL + J
Code language: HTTP (http)

Undo action

Mac: ⌘ + Z Windows: CTRL + Z
Code language: HTTP (http)

Redo action

Mac: ⌘ + Shift + Z Windows: CTRL + Shift + Z
Code language: HTTP (http)

Code Autocomplete (when available)

Mac: CTRL + SPACE OR . Windows: CTRL + SPACE OR .
Code language: HTTP (http)