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Focus Time

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Focus Time is a CoderPad feature that gives candidates 5 minutes of quiet, unobserved time to collect their thoughts, and start working on a solution, before the interview starts. 

Start Focus Time

Both the interviewer and the candidate can start Focus Time. In the pad, click the ‘Focus Time’ button in the top-left corner:

On smaller screens, the Focus Time button may look like this:

A pop-up opens explaining the benefits of Focus Time. The interviewer sees this pop up:

The candidate sees this one:

To start Focus Time, click Begin Focus Time.

The interviewer’s screen blurs out and they have no audio or video while Focus Time is in progress:

The candidate has access to the pad and can begin working on a solution:

Both the interviewer and candidate see the Focus Time clock counting down.

The interviewer and candidate are alerted with a pleasant sound when Focus Time reaches 0:00 minutes. At that time, Focus Time ends, the pad unblurs, audio and video return, and the interview begins.

End Focus Time early

❗We highly caution against an interviewer ending Focus Time early, as this leads to a poor candidate experience.

Interviewers can click the ‘End Early’ button to end Focus Time before the 5 minutes is up.

Candidates can end Focus Time early by clicking ‘Start Call’ in the lower left corner of the pad.

After the interview

Interviewers can review the candidate’s progress during Focus Time in Playback Mode.

Find out more in our Focus Time article.