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Using Drawing Mode in an Interview

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Both the candidate and the interviewer can open Drawing Mode by clicking on the “Drawing Mode” button located in the top left hand side of the IDE (next to the “Run” button). Each participant within the pad can open and close drawing mode when needed.

Once you open Drawing Mode, you can move and resize the drawing area. For most interviews, it’s always good to have your code in the left hand side of the screen, and drawing mode sitting just to the right of it.

Drawing Mode Tools

In Drawing Mode, you have access to different tools. You’ll see options like adding: shapes, lines, text and more. There is also the ability to upload your own photos (great for UX/UI design discussions), erase parts of the drawing, un-do and re-do and also pan around dependent on your view.

Showcase of some of the tools available in Drawing Mode

Playback and After the Interview

You will be able to see the final state of the drawing as part of the pad playback for review. If Drawing Mode was enabled during the pad session, there will be a tab on the right side of the editor to review the drawing – labeled “Drawing”. If Drawing Mode was not enabled during the pad session, the tab will not appear.