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Using Drawing Mode in an Interview

Interviewers will see Drawing Mode on the left side of their pad, and the Interviewer Notes section on the right side of their pad. If code execution is enabled, candidates will also see Drawing Mode on the left side of the screen. Candidates will have a full screen view of Drawing Mode if code execution is disabled or the current pad language doesn’t support execution (plaintext).

Interviewer View

Candidate View (Execution Mode / Half-Screen) Drawing Mode allows you to to create and move shapes, objects and lines, as well as type, draw and erase. The interviewer can sketch out a concept for the candidate before they start to code, or the candidate can draw or diagram to explain a system. If the candidate’s Drawing Mode is in full screen (execution is disabled), the location of the diagram between candidate and interviewer views may not match up perfectly. You will be able to follow the drawers cursor as it moves around the screen.

Going Back to IDE Mode

To turn off Drawing Mode, the interviewer can click the “X” on the Drawing Mode callout at the bottom of the editor, or re-open the settings menu and toggle the Drawing Mode button off. You’ll be automatically returned to the code editor and any prior code will still be available to continue working on. You can go back into Drawing Mode at any time and the diagrams will be saved in the same state as you left them.

Playback and After the Interview

You will be able to see the final state of the drawing as part of the pad playback for review. If Drawing Mode was enabled during the pad session, there will be a tab on the right side of the editor to review the drawing - labeled “Drawing”. If Drawing Mode was not enabled during the pad session, the tab will not appear.