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Creating a Question for a Live interview

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CoderPad’s Question Bank allows interviewers to create and share a bank of questions with their team, or customize Example Questions to kick-start interview preparation.

Questions can be written in a specific coding language to test a candidate’s proficiency in that language. Or you can use markdown to write a language-agnostic question, allowing your candidate to work in the language of their choice. Attach custom files or databases to add real-world complexity to your questions.

Create a Live Question From Scratch

The link to the Question Bank can be found in the left-side navigation. On the questions page, click “Create Question” and then choose “Live Pads” to get started.

Add Question Details

To keep your questions well organized, we recommend coming up with a standard schema for the title of your questions. An example:

“[Senior Engineer] - Turn this CSV into an Array of Objects - easy".
Code language: Markdown (markdown)

There is no pre-set schema – just find something that works for your team and stay consistent, especially if your share questions with your whole team. Select the default language to be used for the question (use Markdown to be language-agnostic), and add a description to document anything your team may need to know about the question.


If you have selected a specific language to be used in the question, the contents act as starter code and will default to show a “Hello, world” example in the given language. You can overwrite this with starting code of your own, or with code comments. We recommend adding starter code that may help the candidate get into the heart of the problem without spending a ton of time on setup (e.g. classes, variables, etc.). If the question uses a file or database, it may be helpful to mention this in a code comment.

Custom Files

You can also attach custom files to your question. CoderPad’s Custom Files feature allows an interviewer to test a candidate’s ability to manipulate data, navigate a file system programmatically, and show their expertise on real-world data sets. This feature is often useful for data science and business analyst interviews. To learn more, check out our guide on uploading custom files.

Custom Databases

If you have selected one of our most commonly used languages: Java, Javascript, Python 2 & 3, C++, Ruby, C#, or if you have selected PostgreSQL or MySQL from as the default language choice, then you can use a Full-Stack database with your question. CoderPad supports Full-Stack databases so a candidate can write to and query from your custom database. Click here to learn more about setting up a Full-Stack Database with your question.


Adding an example solution can help you and your colleagues assess the quality of the candidate’s work. You can add code snippets, details about edge cases, expected runtime complexity, or good/better/best versions.

Creating a pad with a question

You can create a pad directly from the Question Bank. Simply find the question that you would like to use and click the “Create Live Pad” button. A new pad will be created with your question preloaded. You can also preview the question from the expanded view.

Using a question from a pad

It’s simple to load a question from the IDE view. Click on the “Questions” button at the top of the pad. Select a question from My Library or Examples, then use “Append” or “Replace”. “Append” will add the question at the end of the current code in the IDE, whereas “Replace” will clear the current contents of the pad and replace them with the selected question.

CoderPad Question Bank Questions Modal in Pad View