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Creating a test

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To create a test with CodinGame, log in to your account and navigate to the SCREENING section and click on My Tests.

Arrow pointing towards the Screen tab in the left nav menu.

If you are a new user, clicking My Tests will automatically create a new test.

If you’re a returning user, click New test

Arrow pointing towards the "New test" button in the center of the screen.

You can either select the role from the drop-down list…

Test creation page with the "Select the role" dropdown opened.

OR select one or more domains, technologies, or programming languages from the drop down list. 

Test creation page with the "Select the domains to test" dropdown opened.

When you select a role or a domain, the relevant fields automatically populate. You can edit the fields to make the test more relevant to the job position you want to fill.

Finally, click CREATE TEST to save your test. 

The new test contains random blocks of questions according to your specified criteria. 

Test creation verification page with the number 1 pointing to the "click here" text link, the number 2 pointing to the "Send test" button, and the number 3 pointing to the "Customize" button.

To see the candidate experience of the test, click Click here (1).

If you’re happy with the test, click Send test (2). 

Click Customize (3) if you want to further edit the test to your particular use case. You can learn more about test customization here.

Language independent tests

To create a language independent test, go to My Tests, and click New test.

Arrow pointing towards the "New test" button in the top right side of the screen.

In the Select one or more domains drop-down, select Language independent.

Arrow pointing to the "Select one or more domains" dropdown.

The test’s customization settings contains a list of available language independent questions that you can include in your test.

✅ Language independent questions are only available as programming exercises.

Screenshot of the Custome test screen with "your test" on the left and a set of random questions on the right.

If you created your own custom language-independent question, you will see it in the Question bank:

Arrow pointing to a custom question in the question bank.