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POST /api/pads

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Create a new pad. You can set some initial conditions as well.

curl \ --data title="Rob Zombie's Interview" \ --data language="ruby" \ --data contents="print 'Hello, World'" \ -H 'Authorization: Token token="<%= api_key %>"' \
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)


{ "status": "OK", "id": "AFQ2K9A3", "title": "Rob Zombie's Interview", "owner_email": "", "language": "ruby", "participants": ["vincent"], "contents": "print 'Hello, World'", "notes": "", "events": [], "private": false, "execution_enabled": true, "created_at": "2014-11-14T03:02:45Z", "updated_at": "2014-11-14T03:02:45Z", "ended_at": null, "url": "", "playback": "", "history": "" }
Code language: JSON / JSON with Comments (json)

The available parameters you have to configure are detailed below:

titleDefaults to “Untitled Pad [ID]”.
languageDefaults to the account default language, which in turn defaults to plaintext.
contentsInitial contents of pad. Defaults to the example code for the language. Note: If you set contents, then you can’t set a question_id or the API will return an error.
question_idQuestion to associate with this pad. When you set this, it behaves similarly as if you created a pad from a question on the website: the question language becomes the new pad’s language, and question contents become the pad’s contents. Note: If you set question_id, then you can’t set contents or the API will return an error.
privateDefaults to the account default privacy setting, which in turn defaults to false.
execution_enabledDefaults to the account default execution setting, which in turn defaults to true.
user_emailThe email of the user to set as the owner of this pad, e.g. "". This parameter can only be set by owners of the organization. This will also create a user account if necessary, as long as the email is a valid one for your organization.

This method can return a quota exceeded error if you are over your used pad limit for the month.