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GET /api/pads

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Fetch a list of all of your pads. Returns everything that an individual show request does. The only caveat is that the values of fields in the index view are not guaranteed to be 100% real-time. Generally, they should be no more than a minute behind, but if you absolutely require the latest value in a pad, please use the individual show endpoint.

curl \ -H 'Authorization: Token token="<%= api_key %>"' \,desc
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index takes an optional sort parameter, which allows you to sort by either the created_at or updated_at fields on your pads. Adding a comma will allow you to change the sort direction, which is desc by default. For example, to sort your pads by updated_at from oldest to newest, specify updated_at,asc.

If no sort parameter is provided, created_at,desc is assumed.

The method also returns paginated results – no more than 50 per request. If you want more, follow the next_page or prev_page urls if present. The API also returns a total count to give you a sense of how many pads you have created.

{ "status": "OK", "pads": [ // ... your pads, with the same data format as in `show` ], "next_page": ",desc&page=2", "total": 420 }
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