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GET /api/quota

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This endpoint returns basic information about your organization’s monthly pad quota (or your quota, if you are not a part of an organization). For example, if you are a user in an organization with a monthly quota of 120 pads, the following:

curl \ -H 'Authorization: Token token="<%= api_key %>"' \
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{ "status": "OK", "trial_expires_at": "2018-01-30T16:16:00.000-08:00", "pads_used": 33, "quota_reset_at": "2018-01-25T14:51:37.084-08:00", "unlimited": false, "pads_remaining": 87, "monthly_pad_limit": 120 }
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Fields returned:

trial_expires_atThe date your trial will expire, or has expired, in UTC ISO 8601 format (e.g., 2018-01-25T14:51:37.084-08:00).
pads_usedThe number of pads used during the current billing cycle.
quota_reset_atThe date, in UTC ISO 8601, that your quota was last reset. Pad quotas are reset every billing cycle.
unlimitedA boolean indicating whether your billing plan allows for unmetered usage.
pads_remainingThe number of pads remaining for the current billing cycle. Not returned if unlimited is true.
monthly_pad_limitThe total number of pads allocated for the billing cycle. Not returned if unlimited is true.