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GET /api/questions

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Fetch a list of all of your questions. Returns all fields that an individual show request does.

curl \ -H 'Authorization: Token token="<%= api_key %>"' \,desc
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index takes an optional sort parameter, which allows you to sort by either the created_at or updated_at fields on the questions. Adding a comma will allow you to change the sort direction, which is desc by default. For example, to sort your questions by updated_at from oldest to newest, specify updated_at,asc.

If no sort parameter is provided, created_at,desc is assumed.

The method also returns paginated results – no more than 50 per request. If you want more, follow the next_page or prev_page urls if present. The API also returns a total count to give you a sense of how many questions exist.

{ "status": "OK", "questions": [ // ... your questions, with the same data format as in `show` ], "next_page": ",desc&page=2", "total": 420 }
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