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GET /api/organization/stats

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This endpoint returns statistics about how many pads the members of your organization have created. By default the endpoint will return information about the last 7 days, but you can configure the time range as well.

start_timeAn ISO 8601 time string, specifying the start of the search window. If this parameter is specified, you must set end_time as well, and vice versa.
end_timeAn ISO 8601 time string specifying the end of the search window.
curl \ -H 'Authorization: Token token="<%= api_key %>"' \ "\ start_time=2015-12-07T00:31:52Z&\ end_time=2015-12-15T00:31:52Z"
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{ status: "OK", // The computed start/end times are always returned, // even with the default window start_time: <%= 10.days.ago.utc.iso8601 %>, end_time: <%= 2.days.ago.utc.iso8601 %>, pads_created: 137, users: [ { email: "", name: "Person Surname", pads_created: 7 }, { email: "", name: "Confidant Methodical", pads_created: 0 }, // ... followed by the rest of the users in your org ] }
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