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CoderPad SSO Info

Any admin on your CoderPad account can configure SSO at CoderPad SSO uses SAML 2.0 for authentication, and we support integration with standard 3rd party SAML providers. We expect fields for email and name (first name and last name should pass through first name only, or should be compressed into a single name field).

The basic steps required are:

  1. ingest our provided metadata into your SSO provider
  2. then paste the SSO provider’s returned metadata into the provided field (or upload the metadata file).
  3. SSO configuration also lets you create a domain like We JIT auto-provision new user accounts when they first go through the SSO flow at
  4. Test with both an existing and new user account before making SSO mandatory

We do not support automatic deprovisioning, but after a user is deactivated internally in your SSO solution, any CoderPad account admin can deactivate the CoderPad account on the page.

Please note:

Azure specific documentation can be found here:

Use for Okta. The is out of date, do not use that one. We support SAML + create/update/sync password.

OneLogin documentation can be found here:

We do not specifically support MS Active Directory but you may be able to configure it using this info: