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Add, edit, and remove team members in your organization

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CoderPad allows you to add colleagues to your team in two ways:

  1. Automatically through Approved Domains
  2. By inviting members via email

To edit a team member’s role you can promote or demote them on the Members page.

Approved Domains

CoderPad allows you to streamline having colleagues join your team with Approved Domains.

Approved Domains is a team setting that allows new verified users with the same email domains to automatically join your team without needing to click through an emailed team member invite.

Here is an example of what a new user with a verified “” email address would see when the Acme Company has Approved Domains enabled.

Enabling Approved Domains

When first creating your team, you will be asked if you want to enable Approved Domains.

Simply keep the switch toggled to the right (it should be blue) and click Continue to enable the setting.

Alternatively if you are an existing team admin and you did not enable Approved Domains during the initial set up, you may receive the following screen while using the CoderPad dashboard:

Here you can simply click Enable Setting to enable Approved Domains for the listed email domains.

You can also manage the Approved Domains configurations from the Team Settings page at any time:

If admin users on your team have different email domains, you may explicitly control the Approved Domains for each email domain.

If a non-admin user with a different email domain than the ones listed in Approved Domains becomes an admin, that domain can be added to the list. However, that domain will not be enabled by default and must be turned on manually.

Team Member Invite By Email

CoderPad allows you to invite your team members into your organization within the app. Once added, team members will be able to do things like conduct technical interviews, review and playback previous interviews, set up live interviews and take-homes, and more.

To invite your coworkers to your team, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Members page from your dashboard

Once logged into your account, visit the Members page located in the left-hand side navigation. Once on this page, you’ll be able to see any previous members you have invited as well as the Invite Teammates button.

CoderPad Members Section

2. Click on the Invite Teammates button

Located in the top right hand corner of the members page, click on the Invite Teammates button which will take you to the invite page.

CoderPad Invite Team Members Button

3. Add your team members

Once on the invite page, input your teammates’ emails line by line within the text area. Once you have added all of their email addresses, press on the Invite button. The team members that you have invited will receive an email invitation to your CoderPad organization with instructions to either join the organization (if they already have an account), or create a new account.

CoderPad Invite additional team members

Invited users will now be visible on the Members page in the Pending Invites section:

4. Setting up permissions

Once invited users have accepted their invites and validated their email addresses, you can then assign them one of the following roles on the Members page in the Current Members section:

  • Admin: Have full permissions to create and participate in pads, create live questions and take-home projects, review/playback interviews, plus additional admin privileges including access to billing, ATS integrations, and team settings.
  • Member: Have access to create and participate in pads, create live questions and take-home projects and review/playback interviews.

✅ You can change a user’s role at anytime by navigating to the Current Members section, clicking the three vertical dots (), and selecting either Demote to member to change an Admin to a Member or Promote to admin to change a Member to an Admin.