Guide for Using Question Library

This document is for technical interviewers who want to setup questions to use within technical interviews

CoderPad’s Question Library allows interviewers to create and share a bank of questions with their team and prepare pads ahead of technical interviews.

Typical use-cases include multi-question technical challenges for specific roles or languages, uploading custom files and allowing other team members to use these questions.

To Create a Question

The link to questions can be found in the left-side navigation bar. Once on the questions page, click on the “Write New Question” button to get started.

Add question details

The title, default language and description

To keep your library well organized, we recommend coming up with a schema for the title of your questions. An example: “[Senior Engineer] – Turn this CSV into an Array of Objects”. There is no strict schema – just find something that works for your team and stay consistent, especially if sharing questions. You can also select the default language to be used for the question, and add a description that can be used to document anything your team may need to know about the question.

The code

Once you’ve added the details above, you can also insert text and/or code into the question. This is a good way to share information with the candidate or add starter code for the question e.g. setting up classes, variables, etc. If you have selected a specific language to be used in the question, the starter code will default to show a “Hello, world” in the given language.

Custom Files

You can also attach custom files to your question. CoderPad’s Custom Files feature allows an interviewer to test a candidate’s ability to manipulate data, navigate a file system programmatically, and prove their expertise in a system very similar to what they’ll encounter on the job. Click here for our guide on uploading custom files.

Custom Databases

If you have selected PostgreSQL or MySQL from the default language choice, then you can append a custom database to your question. CoderPad lets you create custom database environments so a candidate can write queries based on a database relevant to your company. Click here for uploading custom databases.

Searching and filtering your questions

To make it easier for you and your team, we’ve made it easy to search and filter through the questions in your library. The questions you have created will default to a section at the top or you can search by term, or select a language filter from the dropdown menu. You can also star your favorite questions for quick access.

Creating a pad with a question

You can create a pad directly from your question library. Simply find the question that you would like to use and click on the “Create Pad with Question” button. A new pad will be created with your question attached.

Inserting a question from inside a pad

You can also insert a question from within a pad. When inside of a pad, click on the questions button located in the top of your pad. Select a question, and then either append it onto the current code that is within the IDE, or replace the pad entirely.