Guide for Using Public Take-Home Projects

CoderPad public take-home projects let you create a single URL that will load a specific challenge. This allows a large number of candidates to attempt this challenge, and we only send submissions that pass 80% of the test cases on to your team.

Why should I use a public take-home project?

The public take-home project gives you a wider range and more flexibility in using take homes, helping you attract and assess even more candidates. A public take-home project lets a wide pool of candidates attempt a take-home as the first application step. Here are some ways to use public take-home projects:

  • Send the URL directly to candidates as the first step
  • Embed the link directly on your Careers Page to let candidates start the application process for a specific job
  • Create a public take-home project for a university-specific challenge and send it to your university candidates
  • Make the link available as the first step in an online job application

How do I set up a public take-home project?

A public take-home project can only be created for Challenges with test cases. Click the “Create Public Take-Home URL” button on any Challenge with test cases.

Provide a notification email, set the appropriate time limit, and click save. If the candidate successfully passes at least 80% of the visible test cases, we will send the candidate’s name, email, and a link to their completed take-home project to your notification email. If your team likes their submission, you can contact the candidate to set up the next interview stage.

If the candidate does not pass enough test cases, they will not be able to submit the challenge, but will be prompted to keep trying. This saves time for both them and you, and your team won’t have to review unfinished attempts at the take-home project.

How is this counted against my CoderPad quota?

We will only count successful candidate submissions against your plan quota.

Editing a Public Take-Home Project

You can use the “update” button to change the notification email or the time available to the candidates. “Delete” will remove this URL from the CoderPad system. This means any candidates with this link will no longer be able to attempt the challenge. Please be certain before deleting that this URL is no longer available to candidates, or they will reach an error page.

Tips for Success

Since this URL will be public, a large number of candidates may view and attempt this challenge. We recommend the following best practices:

  • Create a unique public challenge for each open role on your jobs page, or for each batch of University candidates
  • Create and use different public challenges from the challenges you use for individually scheduled take-home project interviews.
  • It is also a good idea to set up a new public challenge (and delete the URL for the first one) after you receive 100+ submissions.

Need any additional help with setup?

Email [email protected]