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Guidelines to use Erlang in this online IDE

You should define the module as “solution” and define and export a method named “start” on it, like so:


start() ->
  io:format("Hello, World").
Code language: Erlang (erlang)

If you’d like to write some tests using eunit, you can do so as long as you remember to include_lib and invoke your module’s test function from your start function:

-include_lib("eunit/include/eunit.hrl"). % attach eunit handlers to this module

f(0) -> 1;
f(1) -> 1;
f(N) when N > 1 -> f(N-1) + f(N-2).

f_test() ->
  1 = f(0),
  1 = f(1),
  2 = f(2),
  3 = f(3),
  6 = f(4). % this should fail

start() ->
  test(). % remember to call test from start, or we won't know that we need to run tests!Code language: Erlang (erlang)

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