Getting Started: Interviewers

This document is for technical interviewers who want detailed instructions about how to run interviews on CoderPad. If you are joining an interview as a candidate, please check out our getting started guide for candidates.

CoderPad is a collaborative platform for conducting technical interviews in the browser, with one major difference: we let you and your candidates run the code as you write it.

Registering an account

If you haven’t done so already, you should sign up for an account. An account lets you create new interviews, keep track of interviews you’ve participated in, and grants you administrative powers (like being able to lock the document or disable code execution) during interviews.

To sign up for an account, Register with your company email and a password. This will ensure your account is associated with your company’s organization-wide plan or trial with CoderPad (if applicable).

Preparing before interviews

First things first: if you’re new to using CoderPad, we recommend you start by playing around with the editor in our Sandbox. This will let you get comfortable with the interface and customize your settings without using up any of your interview quota.

Next, head over to the Question Library. This is where you can save your favorite interview questions ahead of time, for easy one-click insertion into an interview once it goes live. Click “Write New Question”, fill in any starting code or instructions, and save. If you like to let candidates choose which language they’d like to code in, we suggest you write and save your questions in plaintext.

If you’re working with a team, it’s useful to agree on a common way to name questions. For example you can add the job title, difficulty rating of the question, or similar details and then search the question menu for these tags to easily locate the right questions for an interview.

CoderPad lets you create custom databases to query from for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Visit the CoderPad Custom Databases Guide to learn how to add and use custom databases if you will need them for your interviews.


To see which languages CoderPad currently supports and to get detailed information on language runtimes as well as various libraries that are included/can be imported, check out our languages page.

Conducting interviews

If you’re working with your company’s recruiting team, you’ll probably receive an emailed link in the form:

This link will always be associated with this particular interview – before, during, and afterwards.

Both you and the candidate will join the interview by clicking on this link. You can see when everyone has joined the interview by looking for their names towards the bottom left.

Make sure you are logged in to your CoderPad account when you join the pad, otherwise, you won’t be able to access your question library, interview notes, or the End Interview button during the interview.

If you’re setting up an interview yourself, start at your Dashboard and click Create Pad.

Once you click on the link/create a “pad”, you’ll be in the collaborative interview session (as seen below).

The left pane is the code editor, and the right pane contains the terminal-style output plus the REPL for languages that support such.