CoderPad Interview allows multiple people to write and execute code from within their browser

Collaborative IDE with integrated terminal

Familiar, intuitive, and ready to use. Immediately access the proper environment with a real development server. No set up necessary. Jump straight into an interview and code with the candidate. All with code replay.

CoderPad Interview uses an editor based on VSCode that most developers are already familiar with

Total flexibility with full shell access directly in the browser

Get access to a shell running in the code execution container. Use CLI tools and run commands as you would in a terminal, making quick code actions easy. Install any dependencies you want, such as npm packages. Just drag and drop files from your desktop or Github repo and arrange them in your file tree. Interact with a database, build an entire app or simply run some small functions. It’s up to you.

Looks familiar? It’s just like VS Code, the world’s most popular IDE

Almost identical to your day-to-day dev environment for a realistic interviewing experience. Run code snippets. Speed things up with LSP support for code completion, syntax error highlighting, Intellisense, and Vim and Emacs keybindings. Choose from dark mode or light. Just like on the job.

Execute code in all the most popular languages and frameworks

CoderPad supports pretty much every language used professionally. With 45+ languages and frameworks and Jupyter notebooks for the data scientists. You can prepare your own interview content or save time with our many ready-made questions.

Live collaboration with all coding recorded

Real time collaboration with no need to set up an environment. Colored cursors make it easy to share the coding space and everything is seamlessly synchronized. Plus all code is recorded for code playback later.

CoderPad Interview integrates with ChatGPT

Access ChatCPT without leaving the IDE

Activate our AI Assist tool to get insight into how job candidates use developer tools to solve problems faster and smarter. Both interviewers and candidates can interact with ChatGPT in the same window and conversation. Everything is stored for review later.