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Senior Backend Software Engineer

San Francisco/Remote

What is CoderPad?

CoderPad is on a mission to fix the technical interviewing process. By focusing on the candidate experience and building a product that allows interviews to be done in whichever language the candidate is most comfortable in, we make it easy to quickly get a quality signal of an engineer’s skills. More than 1,500 companies have conducted over 2.5 million CoderPad interviews since our launch in 2013.

What does a Senior Backend Software Engineer at CoderPad do?

As a Senior Backend Software Engineer, you’ll be responsible for the monitoring, optimization, and feature development of our world-class fleet of code execution instances. Throughout every project you work on, you’ll be tasked with ensuring that candidates feel comfortable using our tools and are able to put forth the best possible version of themselves. You’ll integrate with our distributed team of engineers, and partner with other engineers to define project plans and execute on them.


Minimum Requirements:


Interested in working at CoderPad? Apply today by emailing us at careers@coderpad.io.