What Ties Our Products Together? A Desire to Make Technical Interviewing Better and More Fair. For Everyone.

By Amanda Richardson, CEO

CoderPad is a small start-up but we’ve set out to do something mighty: transform technical interviewing so every candidate can truly showcase their skills and every company can make the best possible hires.

When we say “every candidate,” we mean it. Every single one.

It’s not about surfacing just the Stanford engineering grads or the MIT data scientists, those who are trained to nail interviews. It’s about ensuring that companies can see and embrace amazing talent that comes from all walks of life and all educational backgrounds: from private colleges to coding bootcamps, from state schools to on-the job training. Because this talent helps companies better create an inclusive and representative workforce that as research has exhaustively demonstrated, ultimately builds and delivers more value to customers and the bottom line.

The past year has reinforced our commitment in a powerful way. As the pandemic pushed workforces to go virtual and hybrid, we adapted and expanded our technology accordingly. We also realized anew that – as small as we are – where we sit and who we serve makes us more accountable. Our customers range from large Fortune 500 enterprises to the big names of Silicon Valley to the start-ups in SoMa. We knew we could help them do better and be better – especially as developer hiring continued at a rapid pace this fall, even remotely.

To that end, here’s what we’ve brought to market:

If this year has taught us nothing else, it’s that every single one of us can take responsibility – personally and professionally - to make our corners of the world better. For CoderPad, that means delivering customer value through intentional products that underpin a bias-free hiring process and produce better talent more quickly as a result. We’re honored and thrilled to do it.