Take-Homes Are the New Resume. Here’s Why.

Whiteboard interviews are dead; putting candidates in a cramped room with strangers breathing down their necks is not a recipe for finding the perfect talent. We can create a better hiring process. I know it and you know it too (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog, right?).

So how can we make it better, especially now, when it’s clear change is long overdue?

It starts with prioritizing skills over degrees from fancy universities, code quality over work experience at big-name companies, and exceptional thinking over powerful personal connections. It starts with getting away from the resumes that help companies focus on the wrong things in favor of prioritizing the right way to assess candidates.

It starts with take-homes – and we’re not alone.

Recent research indicates that scrutinizing candidates as they sweat through a typical whiteboard exercise is great at inducing massive anxiety but fails miserably at finding the best technical talent. In this study, the people forced into a traditional whiteboard exercise did half as well as the group allowed to do it in a private room. No surprise - do you want your boss staring over your shoulder as you work?

Equally scary - but not surprising - the typical process also disadvantages certain groups. Every woman who took the public interview failed – while every woman in the private interview passed. Yes - every woman. The reality is, there’s a very real potential that companies are shorting themselves of substantial talent - and with it, the differentiation, intellectual property, and revenues that could come with a deeper talent bench and more diverse ideas.

Our new Take-Homes product is a way for companies to get the technical talent they need – and build a team that reflects the world around them. With it, you can:

CoderPad Take-Homes are a way for you to cast a wider net for the talent you already know you need – in a way that’s fair, consistent and a positive introduction to your company’s culture.

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