Inspiration from the Inside: Introducing Take Homes

By Amanda Richardson, CEO

When our senior developer, Ayumi Yu, was starting out, she was having difficulty getting the developer job she wanted. She had majored in cell biology – following her parents’ dream of seeing her become a doctor – and had no formal computer science training. With her home-grown training to go by, potential employers didn’t have the vision to see how she could be successful with a degree that wasn’t software engineering or computer science.

One day, Ayumi was talking with a recruiter and she convinced them to give her a take-home project. Drawing on her basic programming skills, knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Google from making websites just for fun, Ayumi knew enough to hack things together.

She, of course, nailed the challenge. And that changed the game for her, opening the door to some excellent opportunities and starting her career as a software developer. It also changed the game for those companies who hired her: they got a fantastic employee they might have otherwise missed out on.

Ayumi is one of the inspirations for launching our newest products, Take-Homes, and fittingly was the lead developer in building it. We’re proud to introduce it to the world today:

You might be wondering what makes us different from other coding tests out there. Fair question. Like others, our Take-Homes product delivers a standardized review process and an efficient way to assess more candidates in a shorter amount of time. But we offer some meaningful differentiators:

We’re really proud of our new Take-Homes product. It’s going to help our customers be more efficient. It’s going to empower more applicants to show off their problem-solving skills in the way that matters: working in the IDE. Ultimately, it’s going to help ground the interview process in skills and their application, versus relying on logos, alma maters, and who you know.

And the idea that we can play a part in helping everyone get a fair shake at the good jobs? Well, that’s pretty kickass.

View our Take-Homes guide here.