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Tiny Interview: Vue Reusable Input Component

Coding Challenges

Vue is a popular JavaScript library for building frontend applications and user interfaces. It builds on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and employs a declarative model for building components. You can try out Vue on the Vue CoderPad sandbox to have a feel of the library.

For this tiny interview, you have two tasks to perform on this Vue application:

  • Implement a two-way binding so the BaseInput.vue can be used for entering data by using the v-model directive.
  • Conditionally render the value that has been entered into the input when it is not empty.

Please see the instructions written directly in the pad to proceed:

💡 Remember to share your solution with the hashtag #CoderpadTinyInterviews on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Tiny interview solution

Verify your solution with the official solution in this sandbox.

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