If you’ve come across this article but haven’t heard about web accessibility (often shortened to “A11Y”) before, that’s okay. We’re all learning at different speeds and come across new things all the time. That said, accessibility is a critical component of any frontend engineer’s responsibilities. We implore you to explore what that means, not just […]

Interviewing for frontend engineering positions can be difficult. There’s a lot to keep in mind for any interview, but frontend interviews always seem to have so many things to be cognizant of.  While we’ve discussed 5 tips for tech recruiting, let’s take a look at some of the things we feel are more specific to […]

Python list comprehensions allow for powerful and readable list mutations. In this article, we’ll learn many different ways in how they can be used and where they’re most useful.  Python is an incredibly powerful language that’s widely adopted across a wide range of applications. As with any language of sufficient complexity, Python enables multiple ways […]

Tech recruiting is difficult. Interviews are tricky for candidates – and for interviewers. One of the untold challenges of interviewing is knowing how to set up good candidates for success. After all, you want a process that tests the right skills, and filters out the noise that is not  helpful to evaluating candidates. This can […]

As with any form of programming, there are dozens of ways to manage data inside a React application. That said, not all methods are equally capable of scaling. There are some “suggested patterns” for your React applications to follow that will ensure you’re not forced to pause in order to reorganize or re-evaluate your existing […]

If you’ve been active in the programming community within the past few years, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Rust. Its technical foundation and vibrant community have proven themselves to be a good benchmark for quick language growth. But what does Rust do that has garnered such a positive response from the community? Not only does Rust […]

Hiring is a risky, expensive process. How can you know if the candidates you’re considering are competent and will be a good fit for your team? The kinds of problems developers solve are long and complex. How can you get a glimpse into their thought process in less than an hour? You need to evaluate […]

Introduction In 2020, we saw many things about our world change, from the financial markets through sports and up to retail and leisure activities. The HR field and hiring are no exceptions to this trend. To hire well in 2021 and beyond, organizations need to optimize their hiring process—to be able to adapt to the […]

In conversations with 2,000 customers across the globe, including some of the world’s most well-known brands (looking at you, Netflix and Slack!), we’ve heard a universal challenge raised: building effective interview questions is hard. Developers have no time to research and create interview questions, and recruiters have limited knowledge and experience in coding interviews. Consequently, […]

Time is money. And recruiting the right people takes time. But when developers are pulled away from projects to interview and assess candidates, time is also innovation and product velocity. The hiring process is a substantial, and often unmeasured, cost to the business. That’s why leaders need to find a way to optimize the costliest […]